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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Moving Day Report

Objective: To relocate household content from Kuchai Lama to Puchong
Distance: Approx 25K

After much stress and deprived rest over the previous week, D-Day finally arrived. I was very fortunate to have William, CM, Justin, Wen Dee and Rohaizad (very kind to offer his services after reading Justin's blog) to help with the logistics. By 1015hrs, everyone was briefed and was huffing and puffing away. The 2 trolleys certainly helped. While Justin handled the delicates ie. hi-fi stuff, I was very surprised of the strength on display by the others, including Wen Dee - strength and attractiveness...hmmmm.... By 1110 everything that can possibly be moved had been stowed away in every square inch of the cars. The fact that the stuff included many boxes, a complete hi-fi system, 4 dining chairs, bags of clothing said a lot on the organizational skills of these folks.

This was the longest convoy of cars that I've had to lead and before we pushed off, Justin, who ran in the morning's time trial, asked what pace should be we going, in allusion to running - we runners just can't stay away from the subject.

We reached the destination within 30 minutes and the unloading was executed so quickly, it was astounding. After some refreshments, a tour around the new place was in order. Justin couldn't resist trying on the new RM58 Gel-Cumulus and went for a short jog along the street. He said that the cushioning was tremendous, which I agree.

As only Wen Dee could avail herself for lunch, the group adjourned with a promise to meet up again for a run around my housing estate followed by a BBQ dinner. I'd be sure to keep that in mind once I get the new home organized! With the hardest part completed, I'm awaiting the the 2nd part where the movers will be coming for the large items next Tuesday.


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