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Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend - Borders & B(r)ooks

We're all naturally excited when Borders opened it's largest store in the world right here in KL last week. According to Runwitme, there are a 1.5 shelves worth of running books there. So hastened to Berjaya Times Square we did, Newton (PM18) and I, last Saturday.

As you enter the mall, it's located on the left wing, on the 1st and 2nd floor. There were so many books with plenty of space that we decided to just zoom into the running section (2nd floor). The choices are all right, reasonable but not spectacular. There are many copies of Lore of Running and the various Rodale Press publication but not enough from Human Kinetics. There's a copy of Jack Daniels Running Formula (which I already have) and 4 Hal Higdon titles. No George Sheehan (which I have), no Pfitzinger, no The Greatest (the Haile book) nor Paula Radcliffe's. I verified that there were 6 copies of The Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes in stock but after 10 minutes of search operation byn the store clerk and I, we couldn't locate it! So I settled for
Alberto Salazar's Guide to Road Racing. The prices of books were competitive (many even cheaper than Kino). I like the history, arts and reference sections which I will definitely check out at a later date.

Arrived late at FRIM on Sunday because Carbokid refused to leave home. After employing all tricks, lies and bribery for 10 minutes, we finally got out of the apartment. By the time we reached FRIM, thanks to Cheong's (PM12) drawn map, everyone had took off for the Brooks Bonding Run. PK mistakenly (or maybe in jest) thought that we were the first finishers. Nevertheless we received 2 Brooks socks and coaxed Carbokid to run about, explore and do whatever kids like to do. But he more or less remained stuck to us (too shy). For awhile before the crowd returned, he was the centre of attraction for the cameramen. We also took opportunity to wallop some food.

There were many familiar faces - even the fast athletes like Don and Goh Choon Aun were there. I suspect the elusive Runwitme too. We didn't win anything in the lucky draws. Before we left, Carbokid wanted to hike up the steep steps to the waterfall and as there were no way he was going to leave the place without going up, I brought him halfway. That was because the steps were getting narrower and it wasn't easy to accomodate the walkers coming down from the opposite direction. Nice cardio workout Carbokid had.

FRIM is a nice spot to spend the outdoors with the family. Too bad it's just too far from my place to make frequent trips there.


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