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Monday, April 11, 2005

So Far...

It was still difficult getting into the Sunday regime and its 4:15am wakeup time. But since I'm in a no pressure phase, I just take each run as it comes, contented just to complete it. Usually however, I will end up having a good one.

I've been focusing on speed lately and inadvertantly. With an elevated fitness level and strength I now understand why it's a little tough running slow. Nevertheless speed and slowness are relative and as long as I keep the easy workouts comfortable, I'll be OK. That's why I'm eager to test out my speed in the shorter races for this month. Besides keeping the legs peppy, I'll still get the LT workouts in the form of the races. Targeted ones are this week's Cops Run followed by the 4x3K time trials.

In terms of my marathon training (Ipoh and/or Penang), I'm still at base training where I'm putting in 60% of mileage during the first 2 months of a 4-month program. From May, the bodily system would have adjusted to the stress of extra mileage allowing more miles to be piled on. I'm looking forward to the massages I'd definitely be having while on my department's Bangkok vacation on May 22nd (which will cause me to miss the NB PACM 15K). But I get to run in Bangkok, have the massages and get in some shopping (which will involve running gear) and eating. Furthermore there's always the 2nd run on May 29th. So I think it's a good tradeoff.

Here's to a good training week!


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