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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Midweek Long Run

"Finally I've got you babe!" That's what Ronnie would normally shout after nailing a tough PR or beating someone to the finish line. For me, it was finishing the KLCC 10-lapper in a PR which led me to believe that I've got stronger since the recent KL Marathon. In my 4 attempts prior to the marathon, I've not been able to match my previous PR of 1:16. Of course having a very good pacer in Li Sar counted a lot. She's definitely a couple of notches above my ability having finished consistently in the top rung (and taking home cash prizes) in the local races. Having a sub 4 marathon under her belt also strengthens her credentials.

Having started the first 2 laps at warm up pace, we logged increasingly faster laps. Today's workout was well attended - Newton, Rohaizad (both completed 9 laps), Ronnie and Justin, Kenneth and later Yong completed the roundup of familiar faces. I think with a more even pacing, 1:10 in the near future is a strong possibility.

8:27.45 > 8:21.95 > 8:11.00 > 7:47.69 > 7:14.08 > 7:05.69 > 6:48.95 > 6:42.31 > 6:42.95 > 6:38.01

Total time: 1:14.00


  • wah lau eh! u r my eternal public enemy!!! stop running! u r already ahead of me! tns!

    By Anonymous PM26, at 1:30 PM  

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