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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Midweek Long Run

Thunder rolled and the lightning streaked across the skies a couple of times. The rain poured and entirely whitewashed the scenery outside the window. And the time was already 4:30pm! It was too darn near my training time. I hoped that the thunder and lightning would subside as the rain showed no signs of abating.

My wish was granted and after fully kitted in my rainwear, the heavenly precipitation slowed to a light drizzle, so I discarded the jacket in the car and jogged to the park with just the cap protecting me against the drizzle. I was wearing tights and I appreciated the added support.

The first 2 laps was run easily - about 8:07 to 8:10 per lap pace. Li Sar joined in on my 3rd lap onwards. We continued in the same pace in the beautiful and cool weather. Folks were starting to come out from the shelter and occassionally got into our way. Saw Julian (who ran in the opposite direction), then Kenneth, Yong, Rohaizad and Newton joined in. Suddenly the bunch became much larger! The pace gradually increased - first to 7:50 per lap, then 7:40 and then faster. Because of the weather, running was easy.

By the time Yoda joined in, only Li Sar and I were running, with Newton pacing Yan, the newbie girl. Kenneth decided to join Julian to preserve his legs for tomorrow's track. As us trio were cruising along at probably 7:20 pace, Ronnie arrived with John. My last 3 laps were probably done in sub 7 pace. I'm still waiting for the return of my Timex which needed a relook at the rubber washer when I discovered some moisture seepage after the recent strap replacement.

It was a fine run and I'm just going to rest tomorrow while running 5 easy laps on Friday before Sunday's race.

Total laps: 11
Distance: 14.3K
Total Time: 1:23
Average pace per lap: 7:52
Average pace per K: 5:50


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