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Monday, April 11, 2005


Yesterday morning's long run weather was ideal. Slightly cooler than usual. The group comprised of Tey, CM, Kenny, Jason, Howard and I set off at a very easy pace - probably 7 minutes pace or so.

For the 3rd week, I ran without carrying fluids to condition the body. Along the way, Tey informed me that his friend from Penang loaned him a VCD titled Endurance. The conversation went something like this:

Tey: Dr, I've got a VCD from my friend. It's called Endurance. You want it?
Dr: (My ears immediately perked up and I asked him) Is it the one on Haile Gebrsellasie?
Tey: Yes, yes. My friend loaned me the discs. The quality is OK but pixelises a bit during the Olympic race scene
Dr: Oh? Could you pass it to me to duplicate? Did you bring it? (I was very excited, like a kid discovering a neighbourhood candy store)
Tey: Yes, I have it here in my pouch.

Let's just say that for the rest of the run, I had nothing else in my mind except that docu-drama. On the return leg of our run, Tey handed me the VCD as he knew I'd be leaving soon after the run, so there I was running and clutching dearly at this piece of sweaty treasure. I increased the pace slightly and caught sight of Rohaizad and Yong near the IRB crossing and later the other PACM regulars. With the quicker pace, I cleared the crowd of Hong Leong Charity Run participants who have yet to start. I also saw Penguin 2 and Chen (who both I think were doing the double hill route).

If you've not heard about Endurance, it's about the rise of the legendary runner up to his win (showing how he outkicked Paul Tergat) in the Atlanta Games. There's also a short clip of another Ethiopian legend, Miruts Yifter (Yifter the Shifter) winning in the earlier games. The mid-section of the show was pretty slow showing his family and how he was introduced to his future wife. There was also a clip of him finishing 99th in his first marathon. But just seeing Geb run is worth the price of the disc, which incidentally is not longer available new. Even so, only the VHS format is available. Finally before the credits rolled, the scene showed Geb, Tergat and the 3rd finisher standing locking arms, facing the crowd - a scene that got me misty eyed.

And now I've got difficulty burning the discs. TNS!


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