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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

3 Lap PR

After missing Monday's workout, and nearly missing today's workout due to a long winded conference call, all my pentup frustration were unleashed at the KLCC track.

By th time I reached the track, it was already 6:30pm and I immediately set off on a brisk pace. Recorded a 6:50 first lap and felt really good. So I ramped it up a bit in the 2nd lap, intending to do a 5-lapper. I had Rohaizad and Newton for company for the 2nd, which was run at an even faster pace. The strides were really flowing and I was taking deep controlled breaths.

However near the end of the 2nd lap, a side stitch struck on the right abs. This was the second time I had this affliction - the strongest cause would probably be starting at a fast pace without warmups. I focused on exhaling hard with every left footstrike and it worked.

At the middle of the 3rd lap, by which time I was running alone, both sides of the abs felt a little sore, causing my strides to shorten. I kicked a bit more towards the end and discovered that I had run a pretty good time, which I believe had eclipsed my last year's 3K time trial at the track.

I'm now looking forward to this Sunday's 10K race and also the upcoming 3K time trial.

Total laps: 3; 3.9K
Approx lap times (didn't have a split enabled watch on): 6:50 > 6:10 > 6:17
Total Time: 19:17
Average pace per K: 4:50


  • Congrats for the excellent timing! The pain is just temporary and will be gone the next time you run at this pace. Keep up the good form.

    By Blogger John, at 11:52 AM  

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