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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Finally Beat PM1!

Before you send in your congratulatory messages, let me clarify. PM1 aka Ronnie was firstly down with the flu and fever. And sore throat. Despite the malaise, he did track intervals the day before. And I only beat him for pace in my last 2 laps. Now that I've cleared the issue further, somehow I don't feel so accomplished anymore!

Nevertheless, the entire session at KLCC went very well. Rohaizad, Kenneth (spotted him in the later laps only), Steven, Justin (who was on the mend himself following bouts of diarrhoea and fever), Newton and The Man himself (both also in the later laps).

I wanted to try out a modified 6/1 routine so instead of walking the 1 minute, we jogged the 1 minute. I had willing partners in Steven (also Singapore bound), Rohaizad and Justin. We maintained a steady but comfortable pace (slightly below 6 minute pace) and chatted throughout. Steven turned out to the THE Steven - Penguin 1's brother!

To spice it up a bit, I proposed a tempo lap in lap 8 where we hit it harder than the earlier pace. This was fun and it broke up the monotony. Then The Man joined in for the last 2 laps. Running past Kenneth, Justin and Rohaizad, I told them to mark this date as I was leading The Man!

I finished the workout fast but not wiped out. I felt I could have gone another 2 laps at a slower pace but I guess another weekday quality workout has been completed. Running sub 1-hour for 8 laps now seem very achievable since my early laps were all comfortable. Now, if only I can achieve the same on the weekend long runs!

Breaking it down:
8:00 > 7:59 > 8:13 > 8:18 > 7:52 > 7:52 > 7:49 > 6:48 (Tempo lap) > 7:57 (Ronnie lap) > 6:24 (Bell lap)

8th Lap Split:
1:02.54 (8-lap PR)
Total Time: 1:17.17
Average Lap: 7:43.72
Average Pace: 5:56.7


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