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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mooncake Festival - Running in The Rain

On an auspicious day when everyone rushed home to have family dinners, Newton and I found ourselves running 1K intervals on the KLCC track. In the rain.

It was cold at first and we got stared at by motorists caught in a massive traffic jam. Well, they received no sympathy from the Carbo Man. Just a drop of rain would cause a jam in KL. It really is an amazing phenomena. In any case, we targeted to run 5 X 1K, with 300m recovery walk/jogs in betweens.

We actually did this session a month back but being inexperienced, ran way too fast (1st lap below 5 mins) and fizzled out after the 3rd lap. This time around, we intended to run 5:30 laps and go the full 5 laps. After 1.5 laps of warmup jog, we hit it. Below are our lap times. Newton stuck just behind me and hit the afterburners in the last lap.

5:35 > 5:31 > 5:31 > 5:27 > 5:05 (Newton: 4:32)
Total time: 27:10, Average Lap: 5:26


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