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Friday, October 01, 2004

Singapore Marathon - 30K Practice Runs

In preparation for the Dec 5th Singapore Marathon, the KL Penguins have initiated 2 30K practice runs.

Below are the dates:
1st run: 24 October
2nd run: 14 November

The tentative time and route for these 2 runs will be published at a nearer date. So do check back on this site!

If you notice, the second long run is 3 weeks after the first long run. And the Marathon is also 3 weeks after the second long run. These runs are essential to the survival of the marathon distance. Participants to these practice runs are adviced to simulate race conditions as closely as possible such as pre-race diet, food and fluid intakes during the run. Shoes and attire should ideally be those you intend to wear on race day.

You'll be able to spot the elusive Carbo Man on both of these runs!


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