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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Email From Switzerland

I received a mail from my friend Kwok Foo, who is based in Switzerland. He's an experienced runner who has done a number of cold and wet races. This is particularly interesting to me as I'm looking forward to the Genting 24-hours Endurance Walk next year.

"Hi Jamie - Yeah...most of my 2001 race before Grandma's was in April and May and so I had alot of bad weather races but the cold weather gives me better performaces compare to a hot one which wears me out fast. I onced ran in a half marathon weekend of 9th/10th June 2001 in rain. Finished all wet and was pissed off plus...we ran on a soccer field full of mud before the finish line. My white clean running shoes? Ha...got a brown color.

There are a few hot weather races in Switzerland like Greifenseelauf in September and 20K de Lausanne in April (South of Switzerland). Though the 20K de Lausanne was in April, the weather could get a little bit hot compare to the North.

Greifenseelauf 2003 was up to 30 degree and I was in shocked that I almost passed out and created a threat to my NYCM training, later I came to realize it was the weather. Reported news that 7 people were hospitalized due to dehydration. Lucky was not the only one and was not admited to Hospotal else it will had a great impact of the training.

As I used to run in Minnesota. The cold weather always worked for me. Ran once in January in Minnesota where temperature was way below zero. The Valentine Run in Twin Cities is also fun where we all ran on snow but well plowed street. Friend and I used to train in Winter time on snow every Sunday morning and go for a great cup of hot chocolate and bagel for breakfast. Those are the good old time. Yet...is always a pleasure to visit Minnesota again and run with the gang. The best run in Switzerland is still the Christmas run. Runners run through the busy shopping street in Zurich and surrounded by Christmas shoppers and wonderfull christmas lights.

Enough for the running in cold and wet weather. Question. If you are interested, I could possible write a little bit about running in cold and winter training season for your site.

Have a nice woopie doopie running weekend. !!!!

Cheers KwokFoo"


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