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Monday, October 04, 2004

Singapore: No Go For Mrs Carbo and Carbo Kid

My wife has opted out of the Singapore holiday. While I'm a little disappointed about it, deep down I've to admit that it's for the better for a number of reasons:

1) Need for save time
Whether or not I travel with the family, I don't plan to do any serious sightseeing the day before the race. However the walkabouts will be more extensive and sapping if the Mrs and kid come along. At my kid's age we're talking about some pretty serious expenditure of energy - a precious prerace commodity. We'd be chasing him everywhere and somehow the thought of him around the marathon expo is not appealing.

2) Need for speed
If I go alone, I'll be able to eat on the go. Bottomline: Saves time. I'll also be able to remain focused on where and what I want to do and get it done quickly. Bottomline: Saves time and energy

3) Need to check on the expenses
With most of our funds used up for the house, it'll be prudent for us to manage what's left of our monies by tightening the purse-strings. Traveling down with them would incur a total cost of close to RM1,000 (based on 3 days 2 nights' stay). Just the return travel tickets would deprive us RM280, while lodging expenses will set us back another RM350 to RM400 at the minimum. Then there's the visit to Sentosa Island and zoo, the shopping and so on. Contrast that to just RM300 or so (RM60 - transportation, RM200) if I travel alone. I figure that if I travel down with the club on Saturday morning and return on Sunday after the race, I'd have sufficient time to: 1) Check out the expo at my leisure, 2) Have a nice get-together dinner with my running friends, 3) Have time to grab the GNC banana carbo drink at Tangs, 4) Grab some souvenirs for the wife and kid and 5) Some chance to check out some sports DVDs.

So it'll just be me making the trip down. For more the 2003 Singapore Marathon experience, check this site out.


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