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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Running With Lonerunner

Had a chance to run with Lonerunner aka Martin this morning. It was a first time of sorts for him: 1st time to Lake Gardens/Bukit Aman and 1st time doing the 20K distance. After some redirection to the starting point, we started off at about 6:30am. Maintained 6:45 pace to the 10K mark and on the return, the pace was slightly faster.

Many of the regulars were either doing Bidor, Perhentian Island Challenge
or the KL Powerman and thus we didn't run into many club members. On the way back we saw and chatted with Yaziz. He's feeling better these days - managing his stitches.

The sun was already up and being already late, I decided to cut short the run by traversing the Padang Merbok. We walked a bit as my legs were feeling a little sore. I also noticed that I was feeling particularly thirsty and I've already drained my bottle dry. My NB running tee didn't cause any problems but Lonerunner's T-Shirt rubbed his both his nipples the wrong way causing them to bleed. He then made a comment about the link between sexiness and bloody nipples.

It was a tough run for me, but I was glad I came through it as a check on my training log showed that I've logged over 42K this week. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the 50K mark next week.


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