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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not Much Happening, And Yet Lots

Work, work, work! I'm backing up my supervisor who is away on 2.5 weeks' vacation on top of a critical project I'm handling. Sandwiched between those 2 tasks are daily conference calls and endless production issues. On top of this weekend's midnight run at Putrajaya, I've to be on standby after the run for a major parallel run testing. And since we plan to take my Mom for a Mother's Day lunch on the same weekend, there shall be no sleep for the weary. The following weekend will be another standby duty before I head off for my own 2 week holiday.
My running has been hit badly and I've this morning decided to ditch a strategic approach to tackling Sundown. Instead it shall be an extended cardio exercise done at 6 to 6:10 pace. I've also decided not to wear the Zoom Elites and revert to the Kayano. Note to self: Take it easy.
On a separate note I found this article intriguing. Bring 'em down!


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