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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Do You Eat On Marathon Morning?

No dairy products for me on race morn (I've no problems with dairy products - love ice-cream - but I don't take chances). So it's black coffee, Clif Bar, banana. I'd carry a bottle of sports drinks and be sipping on it till the 10K mark after which I'll ditch the bottle. Doing so saves me from having to negotiate the first 2 water stops. I don't find carrying the bottle the first 10K a hassle with my plodding speed.

4 GU gels throughout the whole course just about completes the race day fueling/hydration.

Post-race is a tumbler of Endurox R4 - protein-carb combo drink. The taste is no Gatorade but it works! If you've a chiller in the car, use it - it makes the drink tastier.

So what do you eat/drink?

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