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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As C2 becomes more and more "independent" he's been roaming around the house. He emulates whatever his brother does and he's no pushover when it comes to getting the thing he wants. We supervise him but even so there's no guarantee of him not hurting himself. One such incident took place last Saturday. I was pooped after the then longest run since KLIM and after the house chores and ironing I was upstairs trying to nap. My wife was downstairs with C1 who was also napping and my Mom out with my brother. 

C2 after waking up, apparently in his jaunt around the house (BTW he doesn't walk, he usually runs) slipped and fell on his face. Struggling to fall asleep, I heard that his cry wasn't the usual "category" if you can call it such. I rushed downstairs and my wife was already cradling him and to our horror, his entire mouth including his upper lip and cheeks were covered in blood. I was shocked and rushed to get a wet hanky to clean it up as I needed to know where he hurt himself. Was praying that it wasn't his tongue and indeed it turned out to be his upper lip instead that was bitten when he fell down. 

Got him some ice water to drink to soothe the pain and he quietened down quickly, to our surprise. His upper lip is already fully healed and bear no marks of the injury - kids really heal fast.

It was one hell of a scare. 



  • Part of growing up!!!!

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 11:40 PM  

  • this brings back memories of my own cut lip, although it happened when I was 12 years old, I was on a BMX when inexplicably I fell into a drain. I didn't realise anything at the time, but when I got out of the drain, I found the upper part of my t-shirt soaked in blood and a friend remarking that my lips were bleeding. I rushed home, called out to my mom and when she saw me, I started wailing. She rushed me to the doctor, who found my entire lower lip to be cut by my front teeth. I eventually recovered- but at a cost- the left front tooth you see on me today is techincally dead and is of a darker colour than the rest. Although it is not exactly on the top of my priorities, I will have to do something about it in time- maybe cap it.

    By Blogger pm19, at 2:41 PM  

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