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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NYC Marathon Bib Collection

I've been trawling the web for anything and everything to do with the NYC Marathon. Chanced upon this shaky video following a Japanese entrant's bib collection at the Jacob Javits Center. From the visuals, these are the sequence of events:
1. Get an entry coupon

2. Proceed to the international runners table just by the entrance

3. Race number confirmation counter

4. Proceed to collect bib

5. Be sure to do a chip check to ensure correct ID

6. Proceed to goodie bag collection

7. Optional: Change into their souvenier tshirt on the spot

8. Don your Spongebob cap

9. Proceed to the Health & Fitness Expo and collect tons of freebies (postcard stacks, autographs, product sampling), check out new products, and make new friends. I'd suggest bringing along a stack of name cards to exchange!

What I noticed are the presence of very very polite volunteers at every stage. They take pride in their City and main event. The Jacob Javits Convention Center is super huge - larger than the Suntec City Convention Center (although the roofing looks similar)

It's a good idea to have a videocam handy! On to the video!

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