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Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Day's Worth Of Runner's Lifestyle

Ahhh....to live a runner's lifestyle! And to achieve it without compromising your quality time with the family - that would be nice won't it? Well I experienced it all last weekend at Bukit Tinggi. Lest the last sentence becomes a tagline for some unscrupulous marketer, let me qualify it by saying that it's only possible if there's no household chores to do (we stayed in a hotel) and there's no need to cook (eat at the restaurant), there's a pool next door (our room was just next to the pool and finally conducive environment for training (we were 2,300 feet above sea level).

It all began with my 7am run and with the kind of terrain it never would be easy. At that time, the kids had just woken up but since there were no rush anywhere, I could afford to run at that time. Having the 205 took guessing out of my workouts.

Following the run, I went back to the room to soak in a tub of cold water - boy the initial feeling was terrible! It was so uncomfortable but I knew I had to get those muscles healed for next week. Cool or ice baths are favourite post-workout recovery activities for many runners and let me tell you that without a doubt, that it works. As I'm writing this the next day following 2 back to back hard sessions on the hills, my legs felt like they can take another tempo run. The logic behind the cool soak is to reduce the muscle inflammation following hard races and workouts. The capillaries will shrink as a result of the cold water and therefore reduce/prevent swelling. Some school of thought recommend alternating cold and hot water treatment, which I think will work too. Once the inflammation is minimized, blood flow will become more efficient when temps return to normal promoting muscle healing and recovery. Blood afterall carry nutrients and help in flushing out toxins from the body. After the cold soak, I took the normal shower, followed by some stretching.

I met the family at the coffee house for the complimentary buffet breakfast. Nothing great but I took a bit of nasi lemak to get in some needed calories for the hard workouts completed last week. I added 3 hardboiled eggs with the yolks removed into the digestive system. I also swiped a bowl of cereal with milk and a plate of cut fruits. 3 glasses of pink guava juice and a cup of coffee completed a satisfying meal.

Then came my duty to take my Mom and kids sightseeing. As you may already know many of those spots are hilly especially the beautiful Japanese forest. But even at that time, my legs were fine. After 3 hours of walking and climbing we were back at the hotel and I took C1 and C2 to the pool. C2 returned to the room after 10mins but I continued with C1 who was having a blast. I took the opportunity to continue stretching in the water while simulating the running movement for my legs. I believe the routine loosened up the legs even more.

Returning home brought me back to reality. But there's still a way to get in the cold treatment. You can ice the legs or take cold showers. At least aim the cold water at the legs and keep the water running for a couple of minutes. Try it. Oh, check this link too!.

Our deluxe suite with a hall, 2 TVs, 2 airconds, 2 fridges. too bad no wi-fi!

View from our window

No housechores! We can be as untidy as we like!

Yup, my own high altitude "training". I was fantasizing training for the on-going Osaka World Champs!

Post run. I wasn't as tired as I looked, OK?

Uncomfortable but necessary. Brrrrr....

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  • After my first 30 km training run before PBM, I put ice cubes in a large basin and soaked my legs in it (no bath tub at home). Yes, I testify to the speedier recovery effect, but it wasn't very pleasant.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 AM  

  • looks like you are really enjoy urself in Bukit Tinggi. goos for you man!!!

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 9:39 PM  

  • Haza: will post some youtube links to show you the US elites in training. Includes the post-run routine where they sat in a nice stream! what a life!

    C3: you bet! there were quite a few bungalows in the hills belonging to some super rich fellas. if i'm a multimillionaire, that's something i'd do too! maybe build 1 near awana since it's cooler there.

    By Blogger Carboman, at 10:28 PM  

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