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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Spa, C1's 4th & NO RUNNING!

Had a really busy weekend. Our office had some leftover budget which was put into a spa outing for the 45 of us. Having had no previous experience at a spa, I found it to be quite a treat. I opted for the facial, shiatsu massage and foot reflexology package and I came away believing that as with most things in life, without pain, there can be no pleasure. Take for example the 80-min shiatsu session where I was pummelled, stepped on, squeezed, twisted and kneaded to get rid of the knotted muscles. My shoulder blades got the worst as the masseuse attacked the area incessantly with her feet and then elbows and arms. The foot reflexology was also somewhat painful but slightly more bearable. The foot masseuse told me later that she used only 70% of her strength. Food was flee-flow and I helped myself to 3 scopps of Haagen Dazs ice-cream. It cost RM350+ per pax but the usual rate was about RM500.

Sunday was Carbokid 1's 4th Birthday and the clan took him out for lunch at the Marche Restaurant. Food was good especially the saute mushroom (RM8). He already had an advance do at his school and with the Nanny's family on Friday.

There was no running on Saturday and Sunday. But there were plenty of eating. I believe the massage contributed to the bodyaches I encountered this morning. The area at the shoulder blades were still throbbing, so I thought I might as well maximize the day with C1. For more photos, head on to my photo album.


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