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Friday, April 20, 2007

Not Letting Up - Mad 3 Days

Completed a 20K this morning. Had to do it as Carbokid 1's 4th birthday is this Sunday and I don't want to be out there running 3 hours and come home late to spend time with him. In order to still keep to my marathon training's weekly mileage, I needed to do a 20K (12.5 miles) today, a 14K (8.75 miles) tomorrow and another 20K on Sunday. Besides the supplements I've also started taking protein supplements on days of hard workouts - need to repair all those tissue damage. Not having enough replacement carbs and protein during hard training will also drastically lower the body's immune system. With the antioxidants and fish oil that I'm also taking, hopefully I can stave off the germs undoubtably planning an assault on my immune system.

We've bought all of C1's presents - a large box of Lego, a water gun and some of our friends have also got some stuff for him. Looks like it's going to be a bumper year for him in terms of presents. We've however not decided on where to go for lunch. Marche comes to mind, since it has a playland and a mall just outside, making it kids-friendly.

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  • Happy 4th birthday carbokid! Looks like both our kids will be in the same school year

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 5:44 PM  

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