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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Run

It was still dry until I drove past Desa Petaling. Then it started to drizzle. I spotted a major accident along the KL-Seremban Highway where firemen were present. By the time I got to the car park, Geraldine was already there. The rain had gotten heavier and Kenneth just got there. So the 2 of us sat in Geraldine's car chatting. I'd just handed the Penang Marathon forms to them. By 6:09am the rain slowed down and we decided to screw the rain and took off into the darkness. Kenneth had to go pangsai at Tijani's while Geraldine and I continued before looping back to allow him to catch up. Kenneth decided to continue to Hartamas with Geraldine while I ran back alone to the car park for the Beginner's session. Total Time On Feet - 1:26. Way excellent!



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