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Friday, February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year Running In Penang Pt.2 (Back-posting)

CNY Day 3
My running plan was derailed due to the previous night's family dinner which ended late enough for me to shelf my early wake-up. As with most Chinese course dinner, there was too much time wasting, too much food and too much stage entertainment. I finally made some time to pay a visit to the nearby Starbucks to use its Wi-Fi. Managed to upload the delayed posting on the Penang Bridge Marathon.

CNY Day 4
A downpour threatened to scupper my plans this morning. It poured till 30 minutes before I was scheduled to leave the house. Luckily it stopped and I set off into the cool morning air. I'd planned to extend my run both in route and time spent on my feet (or Time On Feet - TOF) by adopting an out-and-back approach. The plan was to run till the end of Gurney Drive, take a left and head right up Gottlieb Road and run as long as 25 minutes before turning back. I figured this way I'd be able to get in a 45 minutes run, at least. I seemed to be able to get into the rhythm quicker today. Again it was a fully Uncle Hooi aerobic pace jaunt for me. There was more cars this morning as some folks were already back at work. The schools however were still out, so there were no-one outside the 2 girl schools (Phor Tay and Peng Hwa) when I passed. I heard the students at both schools are not the shy types! I managed to reach the junction of Gottlieb Road and Waterfall Road just slightly after 25 minutes. The return trip was 5 minutes faster aided by the downhill and faster pace towards the end. I finished the run feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. I felt that I could go for another 30 minutes.

While I've a long way to attainment of Aerobic Nirvana, I observed that everything seemed to gelled (pun intended). My breathing and strides were relaxed throughout. Presently I'm just glad to keep this up and I'm not thinking of any form of speedwork until I'm able to run and feel this comfortable over a distance/time of 20K/2hours. The coming SMART Tunnel Run 14K will just be another aerobic pace workout for me. The KLIM? It's not a priority event for me so you can figure out my approach to it. Tomorrow's the last day to run in Penang before the clan heads back to KL.

CNY Day 5
Planned to run but my relatives wanted to take us to try out the famous oyster noodles along Gurney Drive plus vermicelli cooked in a variety of claypot styles. You guys should try this - excellent! Individual servings of RM5 only. I tried the oyster noodles but not the oysters. As I approach late 30's I'm consciously watching my food intake. I enjoy my food but stuff that are known to be "dangerous", I stay away. I don't quite like oysters anyway, really a taste to be acquired. I then shifted my plans to an evening run but with the kids asleep, my wife and I snuck out for more streetfood. This time a stretch of stalls along the Mount Erskine Road (approaching the Fettes Park traffic lights). We whacked the crab meat popiah, assam laksa and cold dessert. Very satisfying. In the end, no running.

The crab meat popiah seller and the laksa/dessert combo value meal

The fried oyster which I abstained. The amount of fat and oil used was simply ridiculous but the darn thing smells heavenly. Another view of my ice cold dessert (very satisfying if consumed in hot weather)

The perpetrator of the fried oyster dish and the peanut/caramel/sugar confectionery seller. Both are famous in Penang. Ask me where they're located and you shall receive the info!

CNY Day 6

The clan heads back to KL today. As you can see from the photos, the boot was packed to the max. And I'd have you know that the City's boot is larger than the Civic's! With the passengers and more stuff loaded into the cabin the rear of the car was heavier than the front. Naturally I was concentrating 110% on the roads (which were thankfully clear - and wonderful weather too!) and was always within the speed limit. Later in the evening I needed to stretch those legs and out I headed for a 30-minute plus run in the Pegasus (the second pair of the '05 actually. Bought at 50% mid last year with Justin). My pace was around 6:30 and later it was lowered to about 6:15. Wonderful workout and a wonderful week of running.

Will post separately on the CNY Day 7 action.

The Penang Bridge Marathon "goodie" bag.

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