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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chinese New Year Running In Penang Pt.1 (Back-posting)

CNY Day 1
After setting my alarm for 6:45am, I slept at 10:30pm on CNY eve. I was just too pooped. Was jolted but hit the snooze button and fought the urge to sleep on. But the battle against lethargy ended as soon as I rolled out of bed. The humidity was high and after just half a K, I was sweating and puffing. There weren't too many joggers along the seafronting road, there were quite a few walkers who comprised mostly of senior citizens. Managed about 6K which wasn't that comfortable for me as I went too fast at certain sections.

CNY Day 2
I was wiser. I made conscious effort to run at a very very aerobic pace and was rewarded with a good run. After all this was the base stage of preparations. The Caucasian girl I saw and gave thumbs up to the day before was there again, running at a fast pace as she did yesterday. The same kind of tank top but she was in shorts today as opposed to yesterday's blue short tights. I popped into the 7-Eleven for a can of 100Plus. I'd say I ran about 7K today. Will stretch a bit as I've got some plans for tomorrow morning's run.

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