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Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend Run

"I already know how to run slow. I want to know how to run fast"
- Lai Fong Sang. OK, OK, it was Emil Zatopek who muttered those words but it could very well had been Lai.

You know how it is. You managed to accummulate 3 days of back-to-backs and then hit with a throat infection. The moment the last antibiotics slipped down the throat, I've already set my alarm to join Choi for the next morning's run. As usual, I will run until somewhere near the Selangor Properties apartment before u-turning back to the car park to start the Beginner's Group. I started off with Geraldine in front but even before Padang Merbok, I was already smoked. Fook was almost thankful that I asked him to run ahead. I'm never in the delusion that I'm fit. With Fook and the rest away, I was relieved to find myself settling down to an even slower pace. I kept checking my rear on another woman who was running quite a way back - just so that she's safe. After struggling like hell up the Central Bank climb, I decided that it's better for me not to run until the intended u-turn point but to just run as far as 25mins will take me. This is so that my return trip will be thereabouts too. Running by time was my best option as I was hurting like mad. I kept thinking "Systematic Stressing" while going up the hills. It was really painful, the lungs, nostrils, legs, shoulders... every part of me were taking a beating. There's a heavy price to be paid after such a long layoff and I know there's no way to circumvent this. So I accepted it. This shocking process to the system needed to be carried out. My mind told me that I must accept this punishment.

On my way back I met "Locomotive" Lai who stormed past me while Kenny and Ronnie were some 70m behind him. Lai has been nicknamed Prefontaine for all his hard running but I think Emil or Zatopek or "The Locomotive" would better suit him. You see, when Lai runs, there's no slow runs, no matter what he said beforehand. And his gait and form is hardly what you'd call elegant. If you've seen how the original Zatopek ran, then you'll know what I mean. Chen is better suited for Prefontaine due to his affinity to the spirits and lifestyle, yet able to hammer the pace. But I digress.

I reached the car park pretty winded but surprisingly not soaked in sweat - the weather was very conducive. I decided to run with Kim (who ran the recent GE 20K in 1:50 something - her debut race!) in the reverse Carcosa Hill route and suffered for it. Kim is a natural talent having taken up running just 5 months ago on her company's fitness programme. Now, running is very much part of her life - she needs to run even if it's just 20mins! You rock, girl!

I was TOTALLY pooped when I got home. In hindsight I felt that I overdid it (total time run was about 1:25) when my longest run the last 3 months was 32mins. My body ache like I just completed a marathon and even after 2 hours of afternoon sleep, there wasn't much change to my body condition. I delayed taking the 2 painkillers until after dinner. As I was dozing off later, I was glad that I suffered this morning. To have suffered and went through the pain can only mean that I'm alive. Running mirrors Life. I slept really well that night I might add.

C2 had a day out today. We celebrated his full-moon (1 month) early since today's Sunday. The actual day is next Wed (the 7th). After some marketing, we left the home to pick up some Ayamas packages for delivery to some family members. Before that we dropped by the Kwan Yin Temple along Jalan Ampang to pay our respects and for blessings. Then C1 and I covered the Seputeh, Bangsar and Bandar Utama folks while C2, Carbowoman and my Mom headed back home.

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  • I was just going to sms you during the weekend to ask when C2's full moon was going to be. Gosh, one month really flies! Next thing you know, Carbokid 1 and 2 will be running their 1st marathons together! haha. Enjoyed reading your weekend workouts.

    By Blogger pm19, at 10:21 AM  

  • You rock too man! After laying off for sometime yet you were still able to do it running for 1hr plus!

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 6:32 PM  

  • Congratulations on your son's full moon ... and on your good effort at the run Saturday!

    Shaker Heights, Ohio

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 PM  

  • You are the man! I didn't run for only 3 weeks not 3 months and the muscles were already aching with just a 40 minute run today.

    It's more of the muscles reacting to shock rather than my lungs and heart which were fine. You'll be back in shape soon enough, keep at it man!

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 8:04 PM  

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