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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying To Fit It All Together

It's been awhile since I last post anything related to running. Well, here's one! But before that, a bit more about all things domestic. Things are beginning to settle down at home. Carbowoman is enjoying her 2 months maternity (I hear you say wah! But let me tell you that Singaporean mothers enjoy 3 months while Moms in the UK, I leave it to your imagination). C2 is also doing what he does best at this juncture - downing loads of milk (both Mom's and canned), pooping and peeing and sleeping. C1 is coping well and is attending pre-school. He even wants to go to school on Sundays.
Back to the matter. I'm not like certain people who train at Lake Gardens and yet say that they're not training. OK actually just 1 fella. So when I say I'm not running, I mean it. What's there to hide or be ashamed about? But I very recently just got back to doing some light workouts. Just short little runs of medium effort at most. I want to see whether I can sustain a certain number of workouts a week before paying any attention to mileage.
My next posting should be pretty interesting! I have 22 weeks.


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