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Monday, February 12, 2007

Packing List

After giving up hope on the 2nd round of antibiotics, my throat condition suddenly cleared relieving me of the pain and dread of spending the already scorching Chinese New Year weather in futher discomfort. The improvement came on Fri when the right side of my throat felt OK, no pain and soreness. Then late Saturday, the left side's swelling subsided. I was asked to rest a little longer so I didn't run on Saturday. At least I caught up with sleep but I could still use more!
I spent Sunday packing up for my trip back to Penang for the holidays and nearly every article in my luggage are technical clothing. 5 pieces of Dri-FIT material T-shirts for daily wear - I even planned to wear this type of shirt for the first few days of New Year. Then 1 lightweight Columbia SPF GRT (a bit more about GRT) short sleeve shirt (strips of hidden vents line the back and sleeves) for dinner use. My pants are also the Columbia GRT type. Both Columbias were purchased with heavy discounts, in case you think I print money for a living. All the technical clothings can be compactly packed and light, and they're also very quick-drying. Even my briefs are those Dri-FIT ones! With the mercury hitting 34C in Penang, I'm avoiding cotton like a plague as they stick to the skin. My packing is incomplete without 1 set of running gear (including a classic Nike vest, which I think PM19 will appreciate) and my running shoes, in this case the Trigons. Another pair of Rockports loafers will be for the dinner, while my faithful Tevas for the walkabouts. I'd wear the Tevas to the dinner if not for the risk of getting an earful from the family. Hey, that's what technology must do for us right? Making harsh environments bearable? Oh yeah, my Oakleys are already in the car.
Must remember not to forget my laptop (for use as DVD player), iPod, shaver and the sunscreen. Like PM19, I've grown to enjoy running with the iPod whenever I run alone. With company, I think one should ditch the player as it would be rude. Caveat: For safety reasons, I suggest wearing an iPod only when running in the parks. Having it on when road-running would mean risking an accident or felony. I will also need to gather up some DVDs (A couple of Will Ferrell and Stephen Chow discs for laughs, Running On The Sun and Endurance for me to get out of the door, Spongebob Seasons 1-3 and Dora Season 1 for C1).
I hope I can sustain my well-being. My return to running has been full of challenges in part to the timing of Carbokid 2's arrival (he's already showing signs of his strength and kicking power - tiny fella but amazing powers, just like the ant and spider) and also my work but hopefully I've adjusted to the schedule a bit and will be able to sustain my running and maintain my health. With the El Nino weather upon us, extra care needs to be taken.


  • Ha! what a coincidence. I was down with serious throat infection and fever on Friday too but then, plenty of water and herbal tea made the situation better within 2 days. I took a 3 day break from running as I fear that my lungs will be infected (I was having very bad coughs). These El Nino's really sucks.

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 9:12 AM  

  • Good to know that your throat is better. Have a safe trip. Drink lotsa water during this period. Eh, show me the Nike vest lah!

    By Blogger pm19, at 11:07 AM  

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