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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fare-Thee-Well My Kelisa!

When your old car is a micro-car, any upgrades will seem like heaven-sent. The new acquisition certainly has me feeling that way. The clan is enjoying the ride so much (Carbo Kid was so impressed) so that I no longer weave in and out like a madman. Not yet anyway - it's a spanking new car! But the comfort soothes the pain of driving and somehow you feel that there's no real need to rush. The space is there and the boot-space is akin to a bungalow compared to a 600 square-feet flat when compared to the old car.

I walked Carbo Woman thru the steps to use the origami seats last night and transferred the necessary stuff like the tissue box, umbrellas and Glock (kidding on this one!) from the old car. I also bought a small container to keep all my running gear in the boot - this way it's neater and much more organized. Then came the adjustment of the seat height
This morning was spent tweaking the audio system. I chucked the Miami Beach Blaupunkt player for the MP3/WMA Aux-In enabled Sony (RM550 with the Blaupunkt trade-in). The sound was no better and I refused to believe that the shipped speakers can't handle the bass and mid-range. I mean, they can't be that bad right?! But after tweaking the EQ and DSP settings, I still couldn't get a good sound. It was then that I decided to manually adjust the settings using the Custom menu and that made the difference. While still not ideal, the sound is much better now. I also added another layer of carpeting to trap dirt and for insulation (RM120).
Initial thoughts about the car:
1) A topped-up tank costs RM70. Consumption has been excellent. After 70+K, the needle hasn't moved a bit.
2) The electronic power steering (no power steering fluid required) takes some getting used to. At higher speeds, there's more resistance while at slow speeds and while reversing, it's very light.
3) Smooth over bumps, quiet ride
4) Tested the EBD once in dry condition and it works really well. No swerving at all. 
5) Improved air-cond. Earlier City's had minor issues with the air-cond in that it shares the same setup with . The new City addressed this by separating the coil. The result? All I need is to have the temp knob to the 2nd lowest setting and the fan to the lowest.
6) The V-Kool tinting (RM1,600) helped tremendously. It really works. In conjunction with the improved air-cond, the interior is really cool. Very minimal heat radiation felt from the sun.
As my old car was driven away from the used car dealer yesterday, I can help but feel a hint of sadness. The car has been thru a lot with the clan. Goodbye and fare-thee-well!


  • Why sold your CLK for Honda?

    Heheheh! Just joking. CLK = Cool Little Kelisa.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 AM  

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