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Thursday, August 17, 2006

3:00 And That's NOT My Marathon PR!

Read that: 3:00am. That's the time I got home from work last night. It wasn't due to a night out drink bingeing (not that I'm a drinker) nor, on a more sobre form of entertainment, catch up with friends at the local mamak. Instead I was dragged into a super-urgent job at 11am which required me to transform a crappy presentation deck into a presentable one for a presentation to a panel of judges of the Prime Minister's Award for IT Innovation. The company I'm in is in the shortlist of 3 finalists and all hell broke loose. In true tradition of my company, everyone in the know left it to the last minute to get things done. That includes getting the premiums ordered and wrapped, the catering arrangement, the seating arrangement in the board room as well as familiarizing themselves with the protocol of handling these "sensitive" judges. My tasks were to design the storyboard for the slides as well as finetune the transitions. Luckily I brought my personal notebook to the office and that allowed me to work more comfortably than using the smallish Thinkpads.
Lunch was San Francisco Turkey Ciabbata and dinner was Domino's. I was lucky I had a pretty colleague to drive me home else I'd had to hail a cab who would have charged me the price higher than an Air Asia ticket. This morning was spent at the gynae and later on collected the new wheels. I didn't have lunch and by the time we sat down for an early dinner at 6:30pm, I was already really pooped beyond words. I shall leave at 5pm tomorrow and not a minute later. It remains to be seen if I'm up for a run - given the physical tiredness I'm in.


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