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Friday, August 04, 2006

5 Laps Nia

Today's been pretty good. I had lunch with Justin, checked out some running "hardware" with him, got off exactly at 5pm, collected by Tourist In Paradise CD from Sim and ran 5 laps at the park.

I was on such an endorphin high that even missing out on my department Phuket trip next month didn't result in me banging my head on the lamp post or jumping in front of an oncoming car - you get the drift. Do you see how running can smoothen the rough edges that Life dishes out to you? How it can lessen the disappointment didn't matter so much? That's why I needed to run. It makes me a better person. Therefore I can fully understand Justin's frustration of being called back to office. He was to have joined us at the Park.

The weather today was the total opposite of the previous 2 days. I believe the temp was around 33C and only the wind (at the ESSO stretch) prevented me from melting. Sim was hammering a quick pace and I was pretty contented to "stroll" at my own speed. I was very happy to clicked off a very consistent 3 laps, after which I quickened the pace to finish the final one below 7 minutes.

I've posted some pictures which I took using the S3. You can check them out here. I'll be posting more photos as I get acquainted with the camera.

I'll be able to put in another 12K+ tomorrow morning and that should be considered good already for me. Have a good weekend.


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