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Sunday, August 06, 2006

7 To 8K Nia

I must remember not to rely on my watch for wake-up alarms. I thought I was a light sleeper enough to wake up for a 6am run on Saturday but as it turned out, I was too pooped to hear it go off. Perhaps my arm was under the pillow hence the sound could be muffled. I'll be using my cellphone alarm next time. Having wasted an opportunity to a 12K on Saturday (I managed only about 4.5K from the RM's program), I felt I had to run today.
On the way back from Ikea with the folks, I scouted some newly opened roads in the vicinity of my area. I ascertained a loop of about 7.5K which is quite challenging. The entire loop is undulating with a 1K climb akin to the Penang Bridge midspan. Just before the climb are 2 blind spots which one will need alertness to navigate. At 5:30pm, I set out with a bottle of water. The weather was exactly like that of last Friday - hot and windy on certain stretches. Certain parts of the run was tough but I managed to push up the climb and relaxed on the downhills. I felt quite satisfied with the run, clocking just a few seconds after 40 minutes.
I'm quite happy with the last few days and am satisfied in keeping such mileage at this point. Tomorrow's back to work and there's a report due. Hope to get everything wrap up early so that I can put in another 6 laps at KLCC. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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