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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prelude To PAR Run 2

While not exactly the Hayward Field, the Van Damme nor the Crystal Palace, 36 runners will congregate at the KLCC Park to commemorate the 2nd running of Der_Pacemakers Anniversary Run (PAR Run). Instead of running for personal glories, the group will be running for their respective teams. While the theme is fellowship and fun, there will certainly be some spirit of competitiveness courtesy of some who just couldn't banish the spirit of "pia" even for a fun run. I can almost picture the race report now:

9 runners take their respective places at the hallowed stretch of the KLCC Park, the stretch fronting the famed Bench. The 9 bend low as they focus on the task of running probably their fastest 2 laps of their lives, ears cocked for the signal to blast off. A few even struck the Pre pose, much to the amusement of those in the know. The air is so thick with tension that you can slice it through with a knife.

Suddenly at the drop of a flag, the 9 take off, immediately jostling for space on the narrow track. Within 50 metres, the pretenders and the contenders have already been separated. The fast ones huffing loudly their arms swinging hard as they aim to clock a sub sub-6-minute first lap to stay in contention. The 4 merciless cast aside the strollers in the park which the slower runners struggle to keep in sight of them but it is an obvious exercise if futility.

The tricky course presents a big challenge to the uninitiated. Much like a cross-country course without the mud and tree roots, the KLCC course is very undulating and twists and turns its way throughout its 1.3K loop. Along the way, and in place of the tree roots, one has to fight his way through other obstacles such as human traffic oblivious, this morning, to the matters at stake.

The lead pack pass the first lap in an ultra fast time - an average of 5:33. No doubt the second will be very painful. Already the limbs are already stiff from the exertion - rigour mortis in a living state. One wonders if it is even possible. The pack behind can hardly be called a chasing pack with their lap time nearly a minute apart. But they gamely push on, for the sake of their teams. The second lap is developing into a battle. Of the 4 runners, 2 have begun to break away. In such a such race, there is simply no tactics. Just run as hard as you can. Eyeballs out, lung burning, leave everything on the track effort. There can be only 1 way to run this race. All notions of it being a fellowship run had gone out of the window 3 minutes into the start. The other 2 responded to the breakaway as they charge past the KLCC pool on their right, the onlookers shaking their heads in disbelief. But the leading 2 have more in reserves, their track experience being called into play now. Like the gutteral roar of a turbo-charger, they break free of the chasing duo, then employing a deadly kick, finish their 2nd lap totally spent and bent double. It has been a neck to neck finish for the 2 and the other 2 are not that far behind with only 4.5 seconds out. The long dropped back 4 will need nearly 1.5 minutes before finishing their lap, the gulf in standards all too obvious.

Now their team mates will need to go through the same battle.


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