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Sunday, May 07, 2006

3 In A Row

I ran again on Friday. Another 4-lapper. Weather was great, post-shower.
Bryan, the Aussie guy was there too. He said that the raining season was great - he could enjoy the whole track to himself! I'll keep to 4 and 5 lappers the whole of next week before increasing the workouts to 6 laps. My sense of pacing - an indication of my level of fitness and awareness - is still pretty off.

8:32 > 8:19 > 7:52 > 7:12
Average lap: 7:59 (through experience, this is the best speed for endurance building for me)
Total: 31:57


The first RunnersMalaysia Beginners' Running Program kicked off rather well.  11 participants turned up that morning and they were a mixture of capabilities. A couple had run distances up to 7 or 10K while most had never done that far before. After a short talk by Dr William Chan, my partner Wan took the runners through a stretching session and afterwhich a briefing on the route. After the session, I gave a short talk on foot types and on selecting the proper running shoes. I was very glad to have Justin and Kevin joining us - it was great to catch up with them after such a long time. At the end of it, I felt really great to be able to share my experience to these newbies. Hopefully word will spread and we'll have more joining us in the coming weeks. For more info and photos pls hit this link.


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