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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Friggin' Haze Is Back!

I had a shock yesterday when I looked out the office window at about 4:30pm. Thick haze had shrouded nearly everything and visibility was down to 1K. Kenneth called me a few minutes later and told me about it - I think he decided to skip the track session yesterday. Wisely so. As I humped my way to Lot 10 at 6pm I saw to my horror some women who were on their way to the KLCC Park. I adviced them to give their workout a miss as the air was plainly unhealthy - stank of burnt material. To my surprise also I saw Rohaizad running briskly at the park! Thankfully he stopped not long after I spotted him. I had layers of wetted tissue covering my nose and mouth as I walked to Lot 10. The entire walk was tough due to the polluted conditions and as I've mentioned the tissues covering my nose made breathing all the harder. In any case I reached my destination in 18 minutes (a good time if I may say so) and hopped into a 7-Eleven store to buy a bottle of water. I'd drained the bottle dry even before I was served by the cashier. Not wanting to keep my folks waiting at Isetan, I just gestured to the cashier and left the empty bottle and cash on the counter.
The air was only slightly better this morning. The news said that it was caused by the burning at the oil palm estate near Cyberjaya and Putrajaya which was suspected to have been started by illegal immigrants clearing land! If this was true, then the fuckers (no guesses to their nationality) deserved to be cast into the fire as well. Not only are they burning their own land back home, they're brought their habits here too.


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