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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Haircut....Mmmmm....

In view of the 1) upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, 2) Heatwave season and 3) Long runs, I got my hair cropped short 2 days ago. I hate having fancy hairstyles, perfectly happy to have the simple short all-round cut. And once I get comfy with a saloon, I'd stick with it. Best if the stylists (as they like to be called these days. "Barbers" somehow sound demeaning) are regulars there.

There were already a few customers having their hair done and I waited for my turn. I switched my attention to the stylists at work and there were 3 ladies and a guy. The guy had previously worked on me before and his handiwork is not bad. And he's quick.

Another woman, who is also the boss was dressed in a floppy kind of pink dress that has a neckline that more or less plunges down to her midriff. Her lilac coloured lace bra peeked out from the various sections of the "dress". She's not pretty and with that kind of getup, automatically qualifies her the "whore look".

The other girl was much better looking. Young, about mid-twenties and sporting highlighted hair, she wore a tight black short blouse that exposed her abs. Her jeans were so low cut that I wondered if she wore any underwear. I know they have this type of underwear that's called the hipster cut - a very low hip hugging (hence the name) type of panties and the one this girl was wearing has got to be one of the lowest variety in the market.

The exposed flesh (so fair!) in the midriff caused me much anxiety of the nicest kind. Her skin was smooth, not a hint of spot, wrinkle or ruddiness. And she was to be my stylist! Mine, all mine!!! OK OK, for that 1 hour or so. As she was working on me (OK, my hair), I tried not to stare at her flat tummy mere inches away from my face. Her touch was very gentle as she ran her fingers through my hair unlike the typical Helgas who will have no hesitation of snipping at your flesh and pulling your hair.

I had trouble tearing myself away after paying the bill.


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