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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mid-Week Long Run: Wet Evening

A few months ago, a rain as heavy as yesterday's would either have put me off my run or have soaked me to the skin should I choose to continue the workout.

But I now have the benefit of a rain jacket and cap, and though I've worn them a couple times, I've yet to test them out in a heavy downpour. When I started, it was just drizzling lightly, so the cap was just sufficient. Within the first 10 steps, the heavens opened up and I made a dash back to the car to retrieve the jacket and when I resumed my run 5 minutes later, many pairs of eyes were staring at this crazed runner.

To this folks, sheltering in the shade, stuck in their cars and offices, I'd like to say that we runners are NOT maniacs. We just love the outdoors. We're kids at heart. Do you remember your childhood when you played in the rain? When you would jump from puddle to puddle? It's fun! Certainly more fun than being cooped up in the office. If it's fun you're after, rain or shine won't bother you. Just like we runners.

The rain was heavy enough that before my first lap is done, my shoes were already sploshing wet. The wind drove the rain at a 45 degree angle but the cap shielded most of it. The jacket provided adequate protection (I wore it without the detachable sleeves) and kept me warm but not overheated.

If there was a challenge running in heavy rain, it was maintaining an even pace. As a result I tired quicker than normal. The last 3 laps were mental and I was glad I had the company of Justin, Rohaizad and Karim on various parts of my run.

All in all, a satisfying completion of a trio of mid-week long runs.


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