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Sunday, January 23, 2005

PACM 30K Practice Run

Over 260 runners turned up for this first run. An outstanding number of which about 2/3 of the number (by my estimation) ran the 30K.

A modification to last year's route saw runners shuttling between the IRS office and the Hartamas Petronas station. 2 sections were extended (one near the IRS office and the other a loop around the Petronas station) to reflect an accurate distance.

After the usual registration - latecomers didn't get their Powerbars - and a warmup session, we were let loose. The general mood was pretty serious and Martin and I kept pace together and we were soon joined by Yong and then Chen. Jason and CM were running up front and were only "caught" nearer Hartamas.

As usual, the fantastic volunteers who manned the traffic controls and drinks stations were fantastic. Not carrying my bottle meant that I've got to hydrate well at these stations and I drank up the water and Powerbar Performance drinks. I took the unopened Powergel at the 20K mark.

Martin and I maintained a strong pace together and were about 2.5K from those behind the lead runners. Coach Chan were monitoring his runners from his van and gave me a thumbs up each time he passed me - that kept the pace and spirit up! Saw PM1 who touched down last night following his Hong Kong honeymoon. He did 1:36 for his 20K - must be his knees, strengthened from his "cross-training" ;)

By the last 5K, the sun was already up and shining into my eyes. The 7K fun runners (Larian Kanak-Kanak. In Malaysia there are all sorts of run!) were also coming from the opposite direction, so I had to speed up to avoid most of them.
A glance at the watch as I entered the car park showed 2:55.37. The same time as last week's 30K! I'm so glad with my effort that I could...EAT! And ate I did - downed 2 bananas I brought along, half a cereal bar, 1 bottle of Performance and later a cup of instant noodles. I also managed to sample the Powerbar Recovery drink.

Dr Moira and hubby both gave an enlightening talk about sports injuries, complete with footcasts for illustrations. It was another fantastic run to cap a breakthrough week and I'm looking forward to the 3rd 30K next Sunday. There will be no break as I'll get plenty of that during the Chinese New Year week.


  • Great run today , i'm glad you manage to achieve the same timing , which means last week's 30 km was no fluke . You have become stronger !!

    By Blogger Kenny, at 11:06 PM  

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