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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Rotten Week

1) Kid fell sick, got cranky, had disturbed sleep
2) Sheer fatigue resulted from the previous roaring 3 weeks
3) Production issues/investigations at work

The past 1 week had sidetracked me in more ways than one. Started with my kid'd throat infection and then the general feel of malaise throughout the course of the weekdays and weekend. The training had been tough going, which got me thinking that perhaps I've overtrained. I don't have any modes of cross-training so that may have contributed to the staleness. It's been only running, running and running.

As a result I dropped my weekly mileage by almost half this week, hoping to stop the slide. Even this morning's 30K was reduced to a 20 as I didn't want to force it. I had only 4 hours worth of sleep last night as Carbokid has been kicking me every 30 minutes or so (he sleeps next to me).

I've also re-stocked on Endurox which I'm taking twice a day to aid recovery and recuperation.

Lessons learnt:
- Find a means to cross-train: stationary bike, strength training
- Find pockets of sleep opportunity
- Get a 6-pack Brand's Essence of Chicken (need to stock up on the nutrients)


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