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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Running During The Holidays

As Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, I'm cracking my head on how to put in my runs. Workout options are as follows (the higher the boredom rating, the more boring it is):

1) Gurney Drive Gauntlet
1 way end to end is around 1.5K. To do 15K, I've got to hustle 5 times each way. Mind numbing but not unlike KLCC! Have to keep a look out for the waves and bad traffic though, unless the workout is very early.
Terrain: Flat
Traffic: Human and Vehicular
Boredom rating: 4/5

2) Botanical Gardens Blast
Choice of 1K or 2K loops. Air is definitely cleaner and very cool in the morning
Terrain: Undulating
Traffic: Human and Simians
Variations: Can alternate loops as well as detour out to the nearby Youth Park
Boredom rating: 3/5

3) Gym Jive
Provided I can gain access to one, this has to be the last option. A good thing is that I can shower and change after the workout. The holiday season will ensure that there will be no queues to the treadmills.
Terrain: Adjustable
Traffic: Human
Variations: Can manipulate speed and incline
Boredom rating: 5/5

Looks like the best choice has to be No.2. I'll have to make arrangements with the spouse to get out of the shophouse (my in-laws) early.


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