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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Final Long Run Before The Festivities

Just had to squeeze off a long run before heading home to Penang tomorrow. And I'm lucky I did as there were just many runners this morning - probably having the same thinking as I, what with the expected feasting and sloth. Not many knew the throat pain I was harbouring and at the start, I thought of just going along with my feelings - miinimum 20K and we'll see from there.

In the end I felt good enough to complete about 33K in roughly 3:15. This translates to just a shade under 6 minute pace. The feeling was that I could do 2K more but decided to call it a day. I had Jason, Yong, Martin, Wong and Yap for company this morning but Martin and Wong let the pace rip and we couldn't spot them after 20K. My last 2K was run along the circuit runners where I spotted Petaling Runner, Chen, PM1 and Justin.

I reached home completely pooped. Had a bottle of Endurox, 1 Chewy Bar, 3 bowls of porridge, 1 glass of honey, and popped down the medication. Then I hit the sack for 45mins.

Gonna ice them limbs - need to recover for tomorrow drive back to Penang. Happy New Year!


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