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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Longest Midweek Run

I continued breaking in the new Mav yesterday. My plan was 13 laps which translates to 16.9K. If completed, this will be a new achievement for me. Never have I run this far during midweek. In order to ramp up my mileage I've got to do this.

Sharp 5, I was out of the building and by 5:20pm, Newton and I were ready to go. We started very slowly and I felt heavy the first 2 laps after Tuesday's 11.7K. Soon enough, Kenneth joined us and the 8:30 per lap (6:32 per K) pace continued.

After the 3rd lap the scorching sun subsided a little and it became more comfortable to run. I started drinking from my bottle after the 4th lap even though I didn't feel thirsty. The 3 of us picked up more and more runners with each round we covered. Rohaizad, Yong and Justin joined in quick succession while Ronnie had been running at a quicker pace on his own.

I glanced to the side and we looked quite formidable. Imagine a flight of WW2 fighter planes flying in squadron formation. The posse swept everything aside. After the other casual runners (and there were many good looking babes) stopped, we were still working the miles. Coach and his understudies arrived but they were just waiting around to start.

I finished 13 laps in 1:43, averaging 5:53 per K. A good distance covered midweek. I'm confident of hitting 70K this week. Structured stressing continues. Oh yes, I've taken down the race bib collection for 2004 from my cubicle.


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