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Friday, December 10, 2004

Running in the Drizzle

The rain clouds seem to be returning again the last few evenings. But I'm now prepared. I've been itching to give the ClimaFIT jacket and cap a good runout and now I've got the chance.

I unzipped both the sleeves, tucked in the keys and phone into the hidden pocket and put on the cap and I jogged to the park. Justin, Rohaizad and Yong were already running. Incidentally Justin was wearing his newly acquired ClimaFIT cap as well.

I was running nicely with Justin and Rohaizad and the jacket felt warmish but the zipper allowed me to adjust the coverage, hence to release some of the body heat. If the rain was heavier I wouldn't have any issue having the zipper all the way up.

Completed 5 laps (6.4K) in 41 minutes comfortably. Legs felt great - no after effects. Looks like it's a go for KLIM training!


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