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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

RIP My Wave Rider!

My Wave Rider had taken me through training for 2 marathons, marathon race days and well as some 10Ks and Halves. After 800K of pounding, it's now time to retire the shoe. I'd wanted to get the Creation 5 or the Rider 8 but fate would have me buying the Maverick 3 instead.

The warehouse had only a size 9 for the Creation (RM499 before 38% discount) and the Rider 8 will only reach our shores end February. By then it'll be too late to train/break it in for KLIM. So I settled for the RM186 (after discount) Mavericks. The Mavs are loved by many people. It's a nice mix between a stability and cushioning shoe and it weighs only 10.8oz. The Mav 1 were cult favourites while Mav 2 were flops as Mizuno got their fit wrong. The Mav 3 is a return to the Mav 1 fit and for RM186, I'd have to say I'm darn happy! Saved myself some precious dough for the Rider 8 or Creation 6 to replace my NB1023 which has logged over 500K.

Here's to more great memories with my Mav 3!


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