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Friday, December 17, 2004

2005 Mizunos!

Mizunos have always rated high in the drool factor for me. My relationship with them started in June 2003 when I bought the 3rd generation Wave Precision at Jusco Mid Valley for a hefty sum of RM230, not knowing that Pacesetters clubmembers can enjoy a substantial discount from the sole distributor.

It was a so-so relationship as the Precision 3's cushioning wasn't impressive for long runs, especially my first marathon. But that changed after I bought the Wave Rider 6, this time using the member privilege. It was simply an awesome shoe - just the right blend of stability, cushioning, responsiveness and lightness. Since a racing shoe isn't appropriate for a plodder like me, the Rider serves my needs very well bridging the gap between an out-and-out cushioning shoe and performance trainer. I've to-date trained for 1 marathon wearing the Rider and raced 2 marathons in it besides the few half marathons. With not many miles left in the shoes, it's time to shoe hunt!

Below are possible candidates:

Wave Rider 8

Wave Maverick 4


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