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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday Long Run - Of A Failed Promise And Its Consequences

Before I proceed further, let me apologize once again to Lonerunner aka Martin with whom I planned to run 25K at 4:45am. With many of our running mates in Ipoh for the KRI 10K, both of us were looking forward to this.

For some inexplicable (initially) reason, when I woke up, my watch showed 4pm Saturday when it's already 7am Sunday! I sat on my living room floor gazing at the bright sky, feeling extremely guilty, confused and angry. I cracked my head at what could possibly had happened. 10 minutes later, I solved the puzzle. The watch's time display was in the 2nd Time mode. I must have accidentally triggered the time switch button when I turned in my sleep disabling the alarm set in the primary time mode.

I felt so guilty about the whole thing and imagined Lonerunner waiting in the car park since 4:45! I quickly called him. Thankfully he picked up my call and told me that he was already finishing his run. At least he managed to get his run in.

At the point I felt I had to seek a release, so I laced up and hit the hill downstairs. I did 5 hard repeats (5 up and 5 recovery jog down). More on the hill in another post.
The rest of my day was a little screwed and returned to normalcy only late at night.

1) Missed long run
This went without saying, and at this critical stage no less.

2) Power outage
The damned TNB decided that the best day to perform maintenance at a nearby sub-station is on a Sunday. Power returned only at 9pm.

From now on, I will definitely set 2 alarms as backup.


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