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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


My nanny's bratty 4 year old son fell down yesterday afternoon dislocating his wrist. While this is an insignificant point (to me), it has resulted in some inconveniences for my wife and I. Specifically my wife had had to take 2 days' leave to look after Carbo Kid so that the nanny can be with the brat at the hospital. And then there's the issue of a missed run yesterday when we had to rush home. I would also need to travel home by public transportation as the car would be better off at home in case of emergencies.

My wife and I have been thinking a bit on the issue of kid-minding, on whether this nanny is still a viable option. while Carbo Kid's surrogate family love him to bits and they've been very accomodating to our long hours, we're concerned that the brat and his sister's behaviour would rub off him in a bad way. Already Carbo Kid is displaying some traits that are unlike his character. His temperament (such as patience and obedience) has not been that good - it's just not him - and he seems to be addicted to the TV (the nanny must've left hers on all the time). Bottomline is we feel that the brat will not make a good role model.

What options have we got? For now, not much. We will need to keep our options open especially when Carbo Kid starts pre-school next year. Other options:

1) Wife quits working - can we afford it?
2) Carbo Man quits working - can we afford it?
3) We look for another minder when Carbo Kid starts schooling - various logistics issues
4) We hire a maid - pros and cons

Considerations, considerations...


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