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Friday, October 15, 2004

Carbo Kid @ KLCC Park

I had to baby-sit (OK, he's not a baby anymore), kid-sit the Carbo Kid yesterday due to a situation. Being an active toddler, he needs to be given space and activities to do what he wants. Else he will be difficult to handle. So my objective was to tire him out and only use the TV very sparingly. I've successfully disciplined him from not playing with the fridge door and was hoping to achieve a somewhat similar victory over the TV.

To tire him out, I brought him to the KLCC Park after dropping off the Missus. There was no one at the playground so we had the whole place to ourselves. The kiddo loved it, hopping from one fixture to another.

One downer was when I stepped on the first rung of the slide ladder, the park guard told me to get off - "Dua belas tahun ke bawah sahaja". I told her that I needed to make sure that my kid didn't suddenly make a break for the other side (which was open). To which she replied - "Dua belas tahun ke bawah sahaja". I was getting upset at this point and pointed to her that I was just standing on the FIRST rung of the ladder and it's highly impossible that the entire play house will collapse, to which she replied (you guess it!) - "Dua belas tahun ke bawah sahaja".

At 8:45am, a busload full of school kids arrived and the playground suddenly turned boisterous. It was also getting sunny and hot. Sweating from all pores, we hauled our asses back home where he knocked out on the living room floor, thoroughly worn out.

When he woke up, it was time for his bath and then lunch at McD. Then it was time to burn some time(?) at Carrefour before heading home for his afternoon nap. Prior to that he had only an hour's worth of Sesame Street. It's been really great. I even managed to catch up on my DVDs - Taking Lives
(don't bother watching unless you want to catch Angeline Jolie flaunting her hard bod!). OK I admit I just gave you a reason to watch it.

It was a different matter in the evening when we went downtown to pick up the Missus. Perhaps it was the horrendous after office traffic that we were caught in, but he was quite cranky.

Nevertheless I was quite happy with how the day went and I wrapped it up by watching Fahrenheit 9/11
, which was excellent. And since we're on the issue of DVDs, the 2-disc edition of Shawshank Redemption is out. Just go get it.


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