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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Definition of "Commando Style"

You may come across this phrase in a few running blogs, so being The Carbo Man, I take it upon myself to explain the origins and meaning of it.

"Commando Style" was first coined by the KL Penguins on hot August afternoon out of whim and fancy of Penguins 2 and 6.

"Commando Style" literally means the tactics and strategies employed by the special armed forces. The tactics and strategies usually involve covert ops, rapid infiltration and exfiltration of the objective and finally ruthless execution of any resistance (if any). Used in the context of running, it requires the same level of character in the runner. One who is willing to forgo sleep, who thinks and acts on the move, able to adapt to harsh environments while racing an event.

First time in action
It was first used in the KL Penguins' Blog when Penguin 6, in his excitement to run the Johor Marathon, wrote a two parter prelude (read the Parts 1 and 2 and 3 here) about how they intend to travel to Johor. Their plan called for last minute race registrations, travelling the night before by bus and reaching Johor just hours before the start of the race. Their mission was to run and complete the Johor Marathon which they successfully did (although with contrasting fortunes). Their exploits deserve an entry into the running folklore. Read about the race report by Penguin 2 here and Penguin 6 here.

Oxford and Webster approved?
Who knows how far this phrase will go? Perhaps it may see the light of day or recognition it deserves in the pages of the Oxford and Webster dictionaries. Whatever the case may be, "Commando Style" is here to stay.

Where can the phrase be found?
In popular blogs such as:
- KL Penguins (naturally!)
- Runner's High
- Der_Pacemaker # 1
- and as you're reading this, The Adventures of Carbo Man

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