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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Larian Sempena Harijadi PM5

This morning's run was so well attended that it got me by surprise. Francis Toh, CM, Uncle Hooi, Petalingrunner aka Sim, Jason aka Jason, Lonerunner aka Martin, PM8 aka Chen, Tey and his 3 friends (one of whom shared the same birth date with me). The 12 of us hit the roads at 5:05am. The morning was chilly and we started slowly.

We were caught by surprise when we reached the Duta Roundabout as nearly the entire area was barricaded and we had to run to the other roundabout further up before making our way across the road. This short detour was hairy as the area was entirely dark and there were plenty of speeding vehicles, even this early in the morning. The four of us had been separated by the other group led by Lonerunner who had found a gap in the barricade.

Nevertheless some surges allowed us to close in to the leading group. We were all running faster now and after passing the now-well-lit widened stretch in front of the new housing scheme (where I chucked my water bottle - I didn't wear the belt), we reached the Petronas station in about 1:09. I guessed we must've really been slow in the first 7K.

Before reaching the station, we passed 2 returning runners on the opposite side, one of whom was Yaziz - seriously training even in this fasting month. Looks like he'll be going for the Singapore Half. After a short break, we made our way back.

The journey back was fun as we ran into plenty of runners, at least 25, in various groups. Singapore Marathon training is indeed in full swing! A fast pack came at us and unsurprisingly, it was Ronnie, Vincent, Houn and Justin. Just 100 meters behind were Penguins 1 and 2. They were all hitting it pretty hard. I also saw Ken, Phoon, Kelvin, Law Lai Huat, Sonny, Jenny, Wan, Don, Goh Choon Aun in succession.

It was around the IRS building when my left knee started to give way. The pain was pretty bad and I slowed down tremendously. I had been hitting the uphills strongly - a sign of confidence from the hill repeats - but not running for the past week (due to a cold) has rested my knee for much too long and this sudden return to this distance must've stressed it a tad too much.

I had CM for company in this later stage as I walked/run. Despite the pain, I was determined to complete the run and it was a relieve to finally reach the car park. Justin was already there, having fell into a manhole, twisting his knee and scraping his knee badly. Penguin 6 came in on his bike. Plenty of chatting and mingling. Chen presented me with a PowerGel as a birthday gift (the most unusual gift, I've ever had!) - THANKS CHEN!

What a good way to start Oct 24th! Hope I'll be able to do this for many many years to come! Now to ice that knee.


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