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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Crappy Service of The Sepang Municipal Council

I never liked dealing with government departments. Many out there would share my sentiments. To submit one of the numerous property "cukai" forms, I had to make my way to the Sepang Municipal Council located in an obscure part of the land, lost my way and got myself re-acquainted with the ineptitude and apathy attitude common in most government agencies.

As if the RM12 toll (return journey), picture this. Not knowing my way around the council building, I went to the payment hall (where tax payers make their payments) and approached one of the counters (counter 4 I believe) to inquire where I can seek help to fill up my form. Save for me, there was no other customer in the hall, this being a Saturday.

The lady behind the glass panel told me to go to Counter 6. Not surprisingly, when I approached Counter 6, the man told me to go to the adjacent building (Penilaian).

Think for a moment:

  1. Couldn't the Counter 4 lady simply tell me to proceed to the next building, instead of to the next counter?
  2. Could I have witnessed an example of apathy in that lady or was she so unknowledgable (unlikely) that she didn't know her job?
  3. Or horror of horrors, could she have done it on purpose?


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