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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Definition of "FAK"

In my continuing series of "Definition of...", let's explore the word "FAK".

Uttering it adds colour to the day, brings redness to your cheeks and warms your heart. The word "FAK" originates from "FUCK" or as the Scottish say it, "FOOK". You can say that it's the Malaysianized version of the popular word. This proves that Malaysians can create new lingo even if it adds a wicked twist to the pandered-to-death "Malaysia Boleh" motto.

The word has no real meaning. However it adds colour, emotions and impact to the spoken words from apathy to blinding rage. It can stand on its own or with other words. The synonym of "FAK" is "TNS". In the context of phrasing, it's quite normal to see "FAK lah!", "FAK this!", "FAK it!" and "What the FAK?!" A longer sentence would look like this - as written by Penguin 2 in his Johor report - "Fak! We already got the bibs and bought the GO bus tickets. Lets Go and worry about the return part of the plan after the marathon. There is no perfect plan!"

First time in action
It is widely believed that the word was invented by Azwar out of frustration but out of decency he used the word "FAK" instead. There's no turning back since then.

Lembaga Penapisan Filem/FINAS/Dewan Bahasa approved?
Will this word see the light of day? So many lesser evils (ie. on-screen kissing) have been struck down. In this age of liberalisation, it's wiser to adopt the "Never Say Never" mentality. At least we hope.

Where can the phrase be found?
Again, in popular blogs such as:
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- and as you're reading this, The Adventures of Carbo Man

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